A large number of realized projects are behind us.
Take a look at some of them.

DSRV club Viking

The DSRV Viking is the place of crossfit enthusiasts, an increasingly popular coaching system. In view of this, the client opted to create a website – responsive and transparent to both current and future members.

Hektor web shop

Hector is a dropshipping web shop based on WooCommerce. We have linked the web shop with the suppliers so that the shop is constantly updated. Orders are done simply and easily. The shop has been redesigned mainly because of its responsiveness as almost 90% of traffic is through mobile devices.

Municipality of Feričanci

We have refreshed the website of Feričanci Municipality. The site is now more transparent, faster and optimized. The documents are grouped by category as well as by publication, and the work of the Municipality itself is more transparent. It is easier for locals and all visitors to get in touch with both municipal bodies and all services and associations in the municipality

Lovaković apartments

In terms of tourism, the website is multilingual, and with the help of icons we have highlighted the special features of each apartment. We have also added a contact form with date selection (booking system) to each individual apartment. The potential guest can contact the host immediately, which greatly facilitates the booking process.

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